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Level Up® MotorHome Leveling Systems

Level Up is the number-one rated hydraulic leveling system on the market. The system levels an RV in less than a minute using a one-touch auto-leveling feature, and includes an auto re-hitch memory function that remembers the exact height at which the RV was unhitched.

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Lightweight, Efficient One-Touch Auto-Leveling

Our time-tested Level Up technology offers superior advantages over other Class A, B and C motorhome leveling systems. Its patented aluminum leveling jacks are about 70 pounds lighter than competing systems. The Teflon®-impregnated jack legs help eliminate seal tears which lead to leaks. Its pumps are on average 40 percent more efficient than the competition's systems. Level Up was engineered intelligently so that they are easy to install and easy to use.

aluminum Leveling Jacks

  • Piston seal is aircraft quality locking T- Seal
  • Rod seal & double lip seal provide better sealing than competion's’
  • Foot pad has a 360° swivel available in 9” and 12” diameter configurations and can be easily replaced by removing one bolt
  • Lighter than steel jacks with springs, etc.
  • 8K=13.68-pound (retracted full of fluid), 14K=16.36-pound (retracted full of fluid)
  • Double acting; no springs to rust, break or pack with mud, ice,etc.
  • Both ports for the extend and retract function are on top of the jack for cleaner plumbing
  • Our aluminum jacks are anodized to prevent aluminum oxidation.

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Pressure balanced pump is more efficient than typical fixed side clearance pumps
  • External adjusted relief valves
  • 1.2 KW permanent magnet motor
  • IP 67 rated starter solenoid (pump can be totally submerged in water and still operate)
  • Valve coils and pump harness plug connections are Deutch connectors ensuring all waterproof connections
  • Motor has manual override to allow operation with a cordless driver
  • Solenoid valves have manual override to open valves and are essentially zero-leak
  • Plastic automotive-type tank with large screw-in filler/breather
  • Mil spec pilot-operated check (lock) valves
  • Quiet operation
  • Weight=15.47-pound dry , 22.67 full of fluid (complete assembly with four bank manifold, valves, fittings, psi switch and integral harness )
  • Flow divider moves 0.8 gallons of fluid per minute with a 95% accuracy rating as opposed to the competition’s 39% accuracy rating

Fully Automatic Controls

  • Jacks level in pairs
  • Hardwired remote starts Auto-Level sequence and panic stop operation
  • The master brain and remote sensor operates with angular comparison to eliminate twist and minimize final height after level is complete
  • Manual or automatic operation possible
  • New Dual Sensor LCI control system enables leveling with less jack extension
  • Touch panel now has a LCD screen to inform operator of operations as well as system errors. Display can be customized

NEW! Wireless Remote Control Options

  • Our automatic leveling systems now come with a wireless remote option
  • Linc™ wireless remote can operate multiple lights, multiple slide-outs, lifting mechanisms, awnings and more!
  • Linc allows for one-touch automatic leveling or manual operations
  • Wireless remote comes with charging adapter

LCI only sells this product to aftermarket dealers, distributers, or retail customers on a warranty replacement basis. If you own this product and need it replaced, please call our customer support hotline at 574-537-8900.

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